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The Veterans Badge.

The veterans badge is an entitlement of ALL UK's ex-servicemen and women, for however long their service was and whatever rank achieved. If you served you have an entitlement to one. I have included this page to this site, just in case there are any members who haven't yet aquired one, or haven't even heard of them.

For those who served in Malaya, Malaysia (including Singapore), Borneo and Sarawak*, in the mid fifties through till the mid sixties, go to the bottom of this page for more information on a recent award from Malaysia.

* This is not an exhaustive list and other locations may be aplicable too.

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The Awarded Medal, The Pingat Jasa Malaysia.

While informing members of their entitlements, I would remind readers that those who served in Malaya, Malaysia and Her dependancies, including Singapore, may, if they were there during the MPC insurgencies and the subsequent Indonesian Confrontation, be entitled to this medal, The PJM, or Pingat Jasa Malaysia (Service to Malaysia). Visit the site For full details about this medal and an application form to recieve this award. Be aware, there is a lengthly waiting list for presentations, sometimes shortened by accepting one by post. Displayed below are left to right, GSM (Malay Peninsular), GSM minature, My Cap Badge and ribbon, The PJM set (as awarded) and the Veterans Badge (as issued).

There has been some controversy about the wearing of this award, mostly from the Civil Service's mis-information. As a civilian (NOT a Crown Servant) vetweran, you CAN  wear it with full permission of the Crown, the details of which were fully documented in the May 3rd 1968's edition of `The London Gazette'(see bottom of page). Should the occassion arise, you should wear it in honour for your 519`brothers in arms' who, sadly, will never be able to wear it, who sleep still, in a distant land, beyond the sea.

`The London Gazette' copy

Formal permision to accept the PJM was given seperately after the King and

government of Malaysia proposed the award to British Empire and Colonial

citizens. There is a citation acompanying this medal.

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