Royal Air Force Greatworth

962 Signals Unit

RAF Greatworth, sadly, no longer exsists. In its place stands a small bussiness park. The bussinesses utilise all the remaining buildings that  were once part of a great little camp.

The End of an era.

Bussiness as usual in a lovely rural environment.

The Mess hall and accomodation block are still recognisable, though there have been some extensions.

A sad goodbye, but some great memories of some good ole times.

The TX Hall is still there also extended some.

Recent Google Earth picture Shows all the extentions (Thanks Eric)

It's military apearance is somewhat lacking

Carefully manicured driveways, just a past memory.

Still recognisable as the accomodation and messes

But the grass has grown since!

A Plaque To Comemorate RAF Greatworth would be good.

Wikimapia of "Greatworth Park", This scrollable map is `mouse controled' (Click the box to go to Wikimapia)

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   Aston  Martin  Racing.

Are situated in the messes, naafi and accomodation buildings.

(where Triple 8 (888) once ocupied)


Tim Samways occupy the central end and east wing of the `T' in the TX Hall.

Restoration and garaging of classic/historic sports cars.

(Visitors only by apointment!)


At the northern end Of the TX Hall.

Angus Watt's Campers.

VW Campers's in the Centre Hall.

Close by the old Nissen Hut's site

and the CO's Old House site there is

Home Nurseries 

Off Welsh Road. Here, you can

buy plants for hanging baskets

and patio tubs etc.

01295 768 141