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dave jay
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i was impressed by an article I read on here.

This chap (the article) had served in i think germany came back and his security clearence was bastardised. It was 1968.

I had similar experience.

I joinedthe Royal Air Force in April 1968 as a boy entrant.

The RAF careers info in the Pool (Liverpool) where i was living at that time sold me a course as a "Wireless OP Spec".

I wanted to go into electronics.

Anyway I joined. Square bashing Swinderby then off to Luffenham. Was there say three months just basic training learning morse code and then summoned.

Had previouslyt be required to go to london Acton and also had an interview, with a guy who turned up in a black mini with a gold Queens Crest on its doors, at Luffenham.

Long and short of it - immediatly removal from course.

Consigned to guard house and became a very good road traffic painter!!!

Choice I was left with was discharge or what. I chose. 

Stay in and posted to Cotismore and qualified as a wireless op.

All this happened the same year as Britten was sentenced for espionage.

He ruined my anticipated career.

I have no vengenance but whatever happened to him??? Anybody know???

He sort of disappeared.??????????????

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Martin aka Tom

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Hi Dave, I've seen some referances to him on the internet, if you surf around you'll find several articles. So, you caught a side swipe from the panic that ensued when the balloon `went up'? I doubt you were the only unfortunate victim, when they upstairs panic, it ALL goes thro' the fan, right?


Martin Hall aka Tom or Jack.

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