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Posted by M Hall on February 13, 2017 at 2:55 AM `expired' temorarily over the weekend, the `automatic' billing that should have taken place during the last week, for some reason did not occur and as a result the domain expired. It seems that my card's details needed `updating' for the billing to occur and they couldn't be arsed to warn me of this other than by `freezing' the domain. So from late friday 10th Feb till Sunday afternoon 12th Feb wasn't accessible to anyone, my apologies for that, we are however `back on air' after a very short `follow-on' interuption after my payment was withdrawn by the bank (Lloyds), who were concerned that the debit to my account might be a fraudulent  `scam', they texted me to confirm the transaction was genuine. It's reasuring that the bank is taking a `hands on' aproach to dealing with this very real problem, shortly after my confirming the deal was real, rafgreatworth's lights came back on. Exitement over, back on your heads! (if any one remembers that old chestnut?).

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