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Posted by M Hall on October 25, 2015 at 4:25 AM

Not a lot happening on here, no updates since the loss of poor Jenks, so I thought I'd add my tuppence worth. These last two years for me, have shown a downturn in my health, frequent visists to my doctor have resulted in an apointment with a specialist and I am now awaiting an apointment for a MRI scan. This is likely to result in surgury, more than this at this time would only be speculative and it's worrying enough already without going down that path. So, having been reminded of my mortality, I have to consider the future of this site. It has been `up' since November 2009, I have run it as a full Dot Com so as to give plenty of webspace for members activities. This doesn't cost a fortune, but it does cost. So, soon, when I let it go, it has two posible paths. The best is if some kind soul takes it off my hands, the other is I cease funding it and let it float in reduced form while `Webs' supports it. This would revert the sites address to `' .

I never expected at the beginning, that this site would attract so many people and their input. It has been a wonderful experience and meeting you at the reunions after so many years, was somthing realy speacial.

All things must come to an end someday and with this in mind I'll continue to manage the site AS LONG AS I CAN! BUT, there is NO definate time limit set in stone. I'll not labour the point further.

New members will be welcomed as always, so enjoy the site.

Tom Hall (845 SAC)

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Reply Ken Gabriel
3:26 PM on July 29, 2016 
Just back today from a short break, so pleased ct scan clear, what good news for you and June, hope you manage to get away to IOW and that the weather is kind to you, a bit of sunshine and relaxation will do you both the world of good. Love to you both Pat and Ken xx
Reply M Hall
11:06 AM on July 23, 2016 
Chemotherapy completed, though other treatments continue. Chemo was the toughest to go through, but now that's done I will discontinue my updates on here, unless something of note transpires.
Thanks to Pat and Ken for their support, much appreciated both, many thanks. every one.
Reply M Hall
2:49 AM on July 20, 2016 
Seen my consultant and had a scan (CT, all clear). Last of the drips today, well, for a while. X fingers for the future.
I feel a week on IOW coming up!
Reply M Hall
12:45 PM on July 13, 2016 
Hi Ken,
Oh yeah, it goes on. The last chemo was cancelled at the very last moment, as we were waiting for it to kick off. The reason being poor communications,The ward I was admitted to for treatment of my pneumonia didn't forward any details of my admission to my specialist for post treatment appraisal. So as to make sure the treatment was successful and complete, also to check that I was fit enough to continue my chemo therapy. As it happens I'm booked for a CT Scan next Tuesday morning, followed by an interview with my specialist, so the chemo team are moving the appointment to the Wednesday following (next day). What chance do you think Ken, of nothing else going wrong??
Reply Ken Gabriel
5:21 PM on July 11, 2016 
Good grief Martin as if you haven't been through enough, we have heard of this happening and so upset that it has happened to you, but you have come through it, good for you. You have most probably had your last chemo by now, hope all ok. Sure June is your rock, tell her we are thinking of you both in this difficult time. Love to both Pat and Ken xx
Reply M Hall
4:28 PM on July 10, 2016 
One of gthe things one should know about Chemo is that it subdues the immune system, if the treatment isn't carefully monitored, it can actually knock-out the immune system! This last Sunday, the only warning I got was the shivers, complete with chattering teeth and a high temperature. As it turned out I'd succumbed to Pneumonia and spent the next four days in the Royal Berks. on a anti-biotic treatment of tablets and injections, the tablets are ongoing for another few days yet. Just in time for my chemo.
I'm home now, but it worried me a lot, June too!
Reply M Hall
4:31 AM on June 23, 2016 
One more to go, then what???
Reply M Hall
3:37 AM on June 18, 2016 
Flaming June is turning out to be the usual damp squib again! I'll have to get a couple of those plastic greenhouse type canopies to go over our pavement scooters!! Yup this weeks chemo is the last but one for this sequence of treatments, I'm guessing a another sequence in about eighteen months time, if there aren't any economic cutbacks in NHS? For now, some nicer weather to cheer us up would be nice, eh?
Reply Ken Gabriel
4:53 PM on June 15, 2016 
Two to go, well done, I'm sure it has been a hard slog, you are nearly there, keeping your pecker up as usual.
Been away and had no wifi so message a bit late this month but hadn't forgotten about you and June, love to you both, Pat and Ken xx
Reply M Hall
5:56 PM on June 13, 2016 
Two to go, it hasn't been a pleasant set of treatments, but I accept that they were necessary for my well being (or something near!). Anyhow it it nice to be nearer it's completion. Four weeks Ken.
Reply M Hall
8:52 AM on May 31, 2016 
Three more to go Ken, that's six weeks till the end of this treatment cycle. But I have no idea what is to follow??
Reply Ken Gabriel
8:58 AM on May 13, 2016 
Another month gone by and more good news from you, so pleased for you that everything going to plan. Will keep monthly tabs on you, to wish you well. Yes hopefully August will be ok. Love to you both,
Pat and Ken xx
Reply Ken Gabriel
8:54 AM on May 13, 2016 
Another month gone by and more good news from you, so pleased for you that everything going to plan. Will keep monthly tabs on you, to wish you well. Yes hopefully August will be ok. Love to you both,
Pat and Ken xx
Reply M Hall
4:37 AM on May 1, 2016 
This report is later still, but there was an alteration by the clinic to my appointment schedule. They put me back a week for chemo treatment, the reason was that my immune system was at risk of failing completely due to the treatments effects, The Doctor recommended to delay treatments a week and allow my immune system to recover, which it seems to have done. so this week we're back on the new schedule. A CT scan has revealed an improvement in my situation, the tumour has shrunk somewhat and is expected to shrink further as treatment continues. This has boosted my confidence some? I even went outside and uncovered my outfit from where it has stood unused since September last, one push on the button is all it took to fire up, I was impressed! The only regret is the loss of some chrome from the wheel on the side-car, but I can live with that. as the rest of it looks much as I left it. I'll start using it when the weather warms a little more.
Thanks for your support Ken, love to Pat. Hope we can see you at Greatworth this year?
Reply Ken Gabriel
3:56 AM on April 9, 2016 
Still keeping an eye on you. Very pleased you are making good progress, don't worry about appetite, eating is good !! Keeping your strength up. Love to you and June, Pat and Ken xx
Reply M Hall
3:58 PM on March 27, 2016 
A little late this report, but here we are eh Ken? Not so many pills this time. Cracks are receding in my feet and fingers, thank goodness! Some spots are persistent still and I tire/fatigue easily. Generally I feel well and I've found my appetite again, something I'll have to watch, don't want to overdo it do we? June is a little gem and as good as gold too.
Five down, seven to go. Judging by how I feel less than halfway through this treatment, it is working for me.
Cheers Pat and Ken, also anyone else following this, thanks for being here.

Reply Ken Gabriel
7:10 PM on March 19, 2016 
Keep checking up on you, thanks for the updates, love to you both. Pat and Kenx
Reply M Hall
3:31 PM on March 11, 2016 
Number four tucked away, eight more to go, hair has receded a bit, still got spots but more tame now, cracks in fingertips a problem now, but got some tablets for that. Got loads of tablets for other parts of the treatment too now.
We're okay so far, apart from the underlying uncertainty of the future. Have to take that as it comes tho', eh?
Reply M Hall
4:04 AM on February 28, 2016 
Thanks Ken, June's really an angel!
Reply Ken Gabriel
9:25 AM on February 27, 2016 
Hi Martin, just checking up on you, glad you are feeling a bit better and things going ok. Love to June, she's a star xxxx⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟
Best wishes Pat and Ken