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August 14th 2013 Fourth Reunion

Posted by M Hall on August 15, 2013 at 4:25 PM

Dispite all the messing around finding a different venue, the reunion was still a very enjoyable event. The Red Lion supplied a splendid lunch, served in a great atmosphere, in a fine old English pub. Those of us who were early enough, had a grand beer garden to wait in, the car parking was very adequate and indicated just how popular The Red Lion is, by being near full by midday (Wednesday, Midweek?)!! The visit to The Camp of one time RAF Greatworth is a short drive to the south over a straight forward route. We didn't see so much of it this year as I hadn't done very much to organise the camp visit this year, but those nice camper folk made us very welcome indeed. 

I have posted some photos of this years visit and have also included some of `the cabin' and the remains of the original nissen hut accomodation site, which this can now be definately taken to be. All that is missing is the accurate location of the CO's house that was contempory to it.

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Reply M Hall
3:11 AM on May 14, 2014 
Definitely Arthur, second Wednesday in August. I'm thinking of reverting to our original venue, The Inn, I did try to pull some opinions from everyone on this but got no answers. The Inn have joined this site and have shown more interest than before, so should be the better choice?
If you mate is up for it Arthur, bring him too, the more the merrier eh?
Reply Arthur
12:14 PM on May 2, 2014 
Hello Martin - I have been in contact recently with mate (NatServiceman), who was at Greatworth (part same time as me) upto 1961. He lives not far from me. Whether he would come to reunion if we have one, I don't know.
Do you think there is one this year in the offing, or not?
Reply M Hall
3:39 AM on October 7, 2013 
Well, the year is growing old, bonfire night only a few weeks away, Christmas is starting to be sold in the shops and the weather is cooling, the evenings are now dark and sunset is now quite early. This years summer has been a good one, at least down here. We've had a lot of sunny weather with blue skies and it has lasted through till October, although cooler now, it isn't cold. A good year, despite setbacks at our reunion. Next year this site will have been up for five years, half a decade, it went so quickly! So next years reunion with be our fifth, The Red Lion's Culworth venue was by opinion, a popular choice and the second Wednesday of August has been the norm to date. But a lesson has been learned, vis "Take not for granted the status quo!", so we'll be keeping a carefull eye on next years venue, right? The Inn at Greatworth, IF it is back in service for next year, how many of you would prefer to revert? It has a magor advantage of it being in walking distance of the camp, during which it passes the airman's married quarters, the CO's gaff and Hookies gate. Something worth consideration.
In past reunions, we haven't ever visited the original accommodation site, there's not much to see now, only a piece of concrete, covered in concrete blocks and agricultural bit's'n'bobs. I posted some photos on the gallery for those who might have an interest. It does still have `atmosphere' strangely, as it was only in brief use. 1945-1955. This is to indicate a future visit if anyone wishes a detour round to that side of camp during a reunion.
Reply M Hall
4:23 AM on August 17, 2013 
One of the topics that surfaced during Lunch, was about John Ogden's stay at RAF Greatworth, from what I can make out, he couldn't have been here that long, as he was a NS airman and was posted out to Germany for the rest of his NS. Not everyone there at the time remembers him it seems. Just like he never remembered his NS and it's contribution to his successful career? That's show business for you.
Reply M Hall
5:29 AM on August 16, 2013 
Hi Sam, about that time we were `walkabout' up the camp and I didn't see anyone with a `tablet' or laptop? Perhaps you should start a blog on this topic on here, for future reference on future reunions? It would be great if a few chaps involved themselves in such a hobby at reunions, it would add a new dimension to the day. I didn't notice any `Wifi' signes in The Red Lion, anyone?? Otherwise it's mobile internet only!!
Reply Sam
4:27 AM on August 16, 2013 
Hi Martin. Logged on to Skype about 12 noon your time for the reunion and left it on whilst I watched TV up until bedtime but unfortunately no connection occurred.