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Posted by M Hall on October 25, 2015 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (36)

Not a lot happening on here, no updates since the loss of poor Jenks, so I thought I'd add my tuppence worth. These last two years for me, have shown a downturn in my health, frequent visists to my doctor have resulted in an apointment with a specialist and I am now awaiting an apointment for a MRI scan. This is likely to result in surgury, more than this at this time would only be speculative and it's worrying enough already without going down that path. So, having been reminded of my mortality, I have to consider the future of this site. It has been `up' since November 2009, I have run it as a full Dot Com so as to give plenty of webspace for members activities. This doesn't cost a fortune, but it does cost. So, soon, when I let it go, it has two posible paths. The best is if some kind soul takes it off my hands, the other is I cease funding it and let it float in reduced form while `Webs' supports it. This would revert the sites address to `' .

I never expected at the beginning, that this site would attract so many people and their input. It has been a wonderful experience and meeting you at the reunions after so many years, was somthing realy speacial.

All things must come to an end someday and with this in mind I'll continue to manage the site AS LONG AS I CAN! BUT, there is NO definate time limit set in stone. I'll not labour the point further.

New members will be welcomed as always, so enjoy the site.

Tom Hall (845 SAC)


Posted by M Hall on December 29, 2013 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (4)

A nice surprise is the aquisition of two portraits of the Mrs Eels to be, pictured in uniform at the rank of Flt. Lt., but, what was her name? at this time and serving a commission, she would still be single, unless anyone knows better? She is pictured again, some years later at the RAF Greatworth Christmas bash of '62 picking the draw. Alas, no picture of George here, we'll have to scrutinise the gallery to see if there is a glimpse of him? There is a severe shortage of pictures of our elite d'cour from yesteryear, SWO's and CO's in particular. Not surprising, because in those ole days, `they' didn't mix much with the `ranks', shame really, because they were an important part of our lives.

Edited and corrected rank.

August 14th 2013 Fourth Reunion

Posted by M Hall on August 15, 2013 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (6)

Dispite all the messing around finding a different venue, the reunion was still a very enjoyable event. The Red Lion supplied a splendid lunch, served in a great atmosphere, in a fine old English pub. Those of us who were early enough, had a grand beer garden to wait in, the car parking was very adequate and indicated just how popular The Red Lion is, by being near full by midday (Wednesday, Midweek?)!! The visit to The Camp of one time RAF Greatworth is a short drive to the south over a straight forward route. We didn't see so much of it this year as I hadn't done very much to organise the camp visit this year, but those nice camper folk made us very welcome indeed. 

I have posted some photos of this years visit and have also included some of `the cabin' and the remains of the original nissen hut accomodation site, which this can now be definately taken to be. All that is missing is the accurate location of the CO's house that was contempory to it.

The Cabin

Posted by M Hall on September 16, 2012 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (13)

To the north west of the TX Hall, close to the northern side of the `old path' to the nissen huts acommodation compound, is a structure noted on several old maps as `The Cabin'. There still is a structure there today, it is shown on the wikimap (Right column, down a bit!) and it looks like an old disused pigsty. I do not know if this is the original structure, but OS maps in 1880's show something in that position called `The Cabin'. There is a copy of said map in the gallery `Greatworths entrance'. Did we (RAF) use it for anything? Or was it the local farmers feed store or something? I've had a trawl around the internet, but haven't found anything useful. Perhaps the two members who live at Greatworth can throw some light on this? (knock knock!!)

There are now some photos in `The Cabin' gallery that have been added to ilustrate this building and its location.

PS. This `Cabin' should not to be confused with the control cabin in the TX Hall

The Old Greatworth Enigma

Posted by M Hall on September 10, 2012 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (5)

Around 1945 an aerial reconisance flight photographed the Greatworth area, Stu Cooke has included a copy he obtained into the gallery. Examining this photo, one is struck  at once with the editing that has been done to this photo. The Tx Hall and some of the towers/masts have been removed, BUT the newly built nissen hut compound left in full view. What was going on here? You may well ask, if `they' were that security concious, why didn't they conceal the complete camp? Leaving one part visible would only provoke curiousity. RAF Greatworth was highly visible for miles around, principaly because of its aerial towers and masts, nissen buildings were almost exclusivly used only by the military, so any passing stranger/spy would immedietly understand the purpose of the place. The photo itself is an enigma, why was it taken at all if the area was that sensitive?

The Tx Hall was built circa '39 to house the transmitter units for Bletchley Park**, when WW2 ended the Cold War with Stalin's Russia began and RAF Greatworth became part of a larger communications system. RAF Greatworth became a permanant feature, so residential buildings were added, these were the nissen huts in a compound to the west of the tx hall. It isn't known at this time, how married personel were accomodated at RAF Greatworth, or where the C.O. lived in 1945.

This blog has been posted as an encouragement for discussion among the members. If you have a comment, observation or even some information, then you are welcome to post here, the more the better.


** Bletchley Park confirmed this by email with me last year.